Customer Relations

Prospect Limousine Service, LLC, has a great customer relations program. All of our customers are treated as if they are part of our family. I know everyone says this but just by reading the recommendations from our customers had me chocked up at times, my commitment to my clients go farther than they would expect. If at any time a customer is not happy with any services that Prospect Limousine performs we make every effort to cure any problem, weather it is their was not a certain drink in a vehicle to heavy traffic and they were late for an event.

We have a policy that if for any reason a vehicle is stuck in traffic or a flight is late and it puts us late for the next flight, we have set up accounts with other operators by all the airports that we service, if for any reason we are running late we will have the other operator pick up our passengers and we will meet them enroute or let them bring them all the way home if necessary. Our philosophy is not to let the customer wait too long and we will pay the extra cost, we want a happy customer not an irate customer.

If at any time a complaint comes through the office of Prospect Limousine, the owner Roger Hamelin will personally handle every complaint no matter how small it seems. The practice of the owner calling back to a customer has gone a long way, the customers like to know that the owner is willing to take the time and look into their problem and personally call them back even if it seems like any office staff could handle the complaint.