Prospect Limousine Service, LLC, has a great safety program. We train all our chauffeurs with videos from our insurance company as well as “Tom Mozza”. We strive for a safe company and have monthly safety awards and bonuses.

If an accident occurs the chauffeur will fill out their accident reporting kit. At the time the office receives it, it will be look at by the Owner, an office staff personnel.

After the preceding is complete we have another chauffeur look at the report and let us know his/her view on the accident, weather if it is the chauffeurs fault or non avoidable.

The chauffer will be sent for a drug test immediately after the accident. If the accident is the chauffeur’s fault that chauffeur will receive 2 days off, if any other offenses happen within a 6-month period they will receive 5 days off. If at any time there are more than 2 chargeable offences in a 6-month period the chauffeur will be let go.

In the years Prospect Limousine Service, LLC has been in operation, we have had no accidents.