Staff Training

Chaffeur Training

Prospect Limousine Service, LLC, has a chauffeur training program that helps mold and take chauffeurs to the next level. We start off with a thorough background check on every applicant, and also a drug test. Once the candidate has passed the following we then start the vigorous training program.

Each new chauffeur goes through safety films from our insurance company and from “Tom Mazza” also. There are test that follow each film, and then there is a final test on all the films, which was made up by Roger Hamelin.

The new chauffeurs also will take a test of their knowledge pertaining to all airports that we will service. The test also includes how familiar they are with the surrounding town and their knowledge of maps from different parts of Connecticut as well as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and a general atlas of the surrounding New England states. We don’t mind if a chauffeur likes to use a GPS system we still like them to be able to read a map and be able to get around without asking the customer where to go for the whole ride.

After the chauffeur has passed this section we then will send them out with a trainer, who will then show the new chauffeur how Prospect Limousine likes to have things done. We will have them with a trainer for no less than one week. After the first week the trainer will inform the office with a checklist of how the new chauffeur has performed his/her duties. If the chauffeur needs to be retrained in any of the areas at this time he/she is brought back in for retraining on that specific area, and then is sent out for 2 days to see if they now understand this routine.

Our safety training is also very intense, we have an accident reporting kit in every vehicle and the chauffeurs test is on a scenario of an accident. There are forms on vehicles, and people involved including passengers and witness statements. There are also disposable cameras with flashes in every accident reporting kit.

Then within the first 2 weeks and then 6 weeks we have a couple of customers who enjoy being our mystery riders, and from this we can gauge how this chauffeur has adapted to our policies. If at this time we need to bring the chauffeur back in we will train in a particular area. We will then again send a mystery rider and if there is no change then we will change the chauffeur.

If an accident occurs we will send the chauffeur for a drug and alcohol test no matter what the severity of the accident. We also have random drug testing for all our employees from office staff to chauffeurs.

Staff Employee Training

Prospect Limousine Service, LLC, has a training program for the office staff that helps new people coming into the livery industry understand how our operations differ from other operations.

We will train our office staff with videos and also tests of general knowledge of the office operations. We then will have a trainer work with the office personnel and do a check list same as with the chauffeurs. We will then work on any areas that need improvement.

We also have customers be mystery callers and book jobs and then we will get a critique of how the staff handled their reservation. We always have mystery callers call throughout the year, this way we can keep track of how all the office staff is handling the phone operations and any customer inquiries. The owner will go through all invoices to make sure the customers are receiving the proper paper work.

We send all our staff including office personnel for drug testing, which also includes random testing. There is a background check that is performed and we check on all recommendations.